Description of varieties

Earliblue – shrub with strong growth and stiff shoots, resistant to frost. Tasty, medium-sized fruit, do not peel, stick to the stalk well. The variety is suitable for cultivation for an accelerated harvest.

Hannah’s Choice – the bush grows quite strongly and has a raised habit. It begins to mature just before the „Duke” variety. Plenna variety, characterized by very sweet and firm fruit. Recommended for plantations and for amateur growing.

Duke – the shrub grows strongly, it can be planted without pollinators. Large, low-aromatic fruits ripen fairly evenly. The variety can be harvested mechanically.

Spartan – shrub with strong growth and stiff shoots. It blooms late, early ripening. Large, exceptionally dessert fruits can be harvested mechanically. On the plantations, the indicator variant – the first responds to shortages of elements.

Patriot – shrub with medium strength, broad habit. The large fruits from the next harvest are getting stuck. Recommended thinning of the buds. Variety resistant to frost. Valuable for gardeners.

Bluecrop – the most reliable variety in Polish conditions. The bush grows strongly is resistant to water shortages. The fruits are big and tasty, they tolerate transport well. The disadvantage of this variety is the excessive deflection of the shoots under the weight of the fruit.

Denise Blue – shrub with strong growth.
Fruits at the same time as Bluecrop, recommended for commercial plantations
due to the high yield and quality of fruit. It can be planted without
pollinators. Large, spherical fruits store well.

Toro – medium-strength bush, stiff stems.
The fruit is evenly colored with an intense coating.
The collection can be mechanical. A valuable dessert variety.

Sierra – the bush grows well, it is slightly spread.
The fruit is large, flattened with an intense coating, tasty.
The variety is easy to harvest manually with loose clusters.

Rubel – shrub with strong growth. Small, tasty fruits, ripen fairly evenly. Industrial variety for mechanical harvesting.

Chandler – the bush grows quite strongly with a slightly spreading habit and stiff shoots. Very large fruit, long harvest time. The disadvantage is the high sensitivity of flowers to frost.

Northland – the bush grows well, gives a lot of new increments.
Medium-sized, tasty fruit. Frost resistant variety.
Useful for mechanical collection.

Nelson – the bush grows strongly, the upright habit. It can be planted more densely in a row than other varieties. Large tasty fruits with an intense coating can be kept on the vine. Variety sensitive to water shortages.

Darrow – the bush grows strongly. Very large, very delicious fruit. A variety sensitive to frost and fungal diseases.

Lateblue – the bush grows quite strongly. Medium-sized fruit with intense coating, tasty, but can be damaged by autumn frosts.

Elliott – the bush grows quite strongly, stiff stems. Medium-sized fruit. Plenna variety recommended under cover for late-autumn harvest.

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