We produce blueberry in the following varieties:

  • early varieties: EarliblueHannah’s Choice, Duke‚ Spartan, Patriot,  
  • varieties with medium ripening time: BluecropDenise Blue, ToroSierra‚  Chandler, Nelson, 
  • late varieties: Darrow, Lateblue, Elliott
  • varieties useful for mechanical harvesting and processing: Rubel, Northland


Large cranberry is produced in five varieties:

  • Pilgrim, Howes, Early Richard, Mc Farlin, Stevens

The nursery is under supervision: Regional Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection in Łódź, branch in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

2-year-old blueberry bushes in P-9 pots

2-year blueberry bushes in 1.5l pots

2-year old blueberry bushes in 2l pots

3-year-old blueberry bushes in 3l pots

3-year-old blueberry bushes in 5l pots

4-year-old blueberry bushes in 20l pots

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